How to clean leather sofa

how-to-clean-leather-sofaThe leather sofa adds elegance to any interior, but also quite an expensive investment. However, leather furniture gets old pretty if you apply some tricks to clean them. Here’s how to clean leather sofa to keep it in perfect shape for many years.

Check the label manufacturer

This step is very important, whether pure leather couch or upholstery fabric. Although the skin is fairly durable material, there are different species – some do not tolerate moisture and water, others require specific cleaning detergent. Check the instructions written on the label of the manufacturer, to avoid damaging the leather upholstery. Methods for cleaning leather furniture offered in this article are universal and are suitable for almost all skin types.

Cleaning and refreshing the leather sofa

Clean the leather couch from dust with a vacuum cleaner. Use a plug-in furniture with a soft brush, otherwise you may scratch the surface. Take a bowl of distilled water (tap contains limestone and other particles that can damage the skin) and add a few drops of soap for hands. Dip a clean, soft cloth in the mixture, squeeze well and wipe the leather sofa. With another towel soaked in distilled water just wipe the surface again to remove any residual soap.

Take a dry, clean cloth and wipe the sofa with a circular motion. So the skin will shine. Now is the time to apply balm to leather, if available. These preparations keep leather upholstery flexible and versatile and can be purchased at any department store. The skin is porous and easily takes dust and dirt. Apply this procedure 1-2 times a month to avoid opacity and graying skin and to restore the beautiful and natural glow.

Cleaning stains from leather sofa

Before you can deal with cleaning any stain, test preparation to use a little hidden place to see how it will affect the skin.

Ink smears – wipe the stain using a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. No need for drying – the alcohol evaporates quickly. You can also spray the ink stain with hair spray and wipe with a cloth, and then – with cotton soaked in ethyl alcohol. If you have a balm for skin, apply a little then to restore skin elasticity.

Dark spots – ketchup, soy sauce, coffee, apple juice and other dark foods and beverages must be removed quickly to leave permanent unsightly stains. Buy tartar from the pharmacy and mix it with a little lemon juice. Apply the resulting paste on the stain, wait 10 minutes and wipe with a damp cloth. Wipe leather sofa well and apply balm to skin.

Grease – grease are cleaned with a dry cloth.

Good leather couch to clean stains as soon as possible. Old stains are difficult to remove with the means at hand. If the skin is old, stubborn stain, it is best to call a professional cleaning company.

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