The style of the Arts and Crafts (TheArtsandCrafts) was born in the early HHvek. Overall vision of this style exudes pride, individuality and uniqueness.


And he as Art Nouveau (ArtNouveau) is emerging as a counter reaction to too kitschy and ornate Victorian style. When it is off to meet factory-made parts, which are characteristic of the period and emphasizes the innate beauty of the natural arts and crafts. Guess that it is a completely handmade. Interior design style arts and crafts has as pioneers William Morris and Frank Lloyd Wright. If you were to use colors that have organic sounding and not sufficiently muted and subtle, intentional must be dusty or dirty. To counter the Victorian magnificently carved and upholstered with fabric and leather upholstered furniture, this style uses healthy, functional and sustainable furniture with clean and simple designs.


The attention to decoration and ornamentation is simply shifted to materials and details. The floor is decided in stone, slate, boards, flooring, etc. High prices handmade by hand drawings, embroidery and more. Like, because in the Victorian style of the time already offered wallpapers, prints and more. commercialized items. Extremely extensively in arts and crafts use glass – in production of lamps for example, decorated with mica for organic effects and more shine.


Glass windows and doors are optional and are characterized by geometric decorations that refer to nature and organic world. When metal elements such as steel and chrome are excluded completely, but there are copper, brass and bronze with a unique signature in proof that they are hand-forged. Any furniture or objects in this style is a true work of art, and overall vision will enchant you with warmth and linear simplicity.